There are many things that motivate people more than money. Support, learning and advancement opportunities, and recognition for hard work are just a few of them. These motivators happen to form the Impulsion Marketing Group culture. Take these steps to establish a similar environment in your workplace:

  • Settle on Values and Mission: In the earliest days of your company’s existence – or beforehand – identify the purpose of your venture. What do you want to accomplish, and how will you make an impact? This vision will help you and your team stay on track. It’s also important to think about the values for which you want your business to be known. Everyone in the organization should commit to them, whether they include integrity, professionalism, or something else.
  • Communicate Openly, Honestly, and Respectfully: Ethical communication is a Impulsion Marketing Group mainstay. It keeps us connected and drives our success. Engage with your people – individually and as a group – to get to know them and earn their trust. Be available to them as well, ensuring that they have the information and tools needed to effectively fill their roles.
  • Have Fun: Productivity is crucial, but it won’t be sustainable unless you make room for good times. Team outings will help everyone bond, and renew focus and creativity when it’s time to get back to business.

A culture of inspiration and energy works wonders for motivation.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“What I like most about this company is the culture and work environment. The people here make you feel very welcome and want you to succeed.”

— Jamie

“Impulsion Marketing Group has given me the opportunity to acquire new skills I didn’t know I had. The best thing about this place are the people and the leadership.”

— AJ