Networking is a vital skill for the modern business professional, so we’ve incorporated the required skills into our Impulsion Marketing Group training program. Not only does this include the actual contacting, but we also spend some time on the behaviors required to maintain a thriving network as well.

For instance, generosity is essential when it comes to building a contact list. The most productive business relationships occur when it is our desire to provide value to those we know, and they have the same intentions. When we can make an introduction, share our expertise, or even just listen, we do so.

Speaking of listening, this undervalued talent gets special mention during Impulsion Marketing Group strategy meetings. Skilled listeners go beyond being polite and seek to understand both what is being said and what is being communicated through nonverbal cues. In turn, providing another person with this level of attention lets them know just how important they are to us.

One of the most important networking lessons we share involves seeking quality over quantity. While of course a large network is better than a small one, there are only 24 hours in a day. It’s better to focus on the eight or 10 relationships that provide the most mutual benefits than try to be best friends with everyone.

Building a network is about more than just shaking hands and collecting business cards; it’s about building relationships.

We set people up for career success at every stage.


“What I like most about this company is the culture and work environment. The people here make you feel very welcome and want you to succeed.”

— Jamie

“Impulsion Marketing Group has given me the opportunity to acquire new skills I didn’t know I had. The best thing about this place are the people and the leadership.”

— AJ