We’ve always believed in the value of giving back around the Impulsion Marketing Group office. In 2020, we’re dedicated to making even more of a positive impact in our community and beyond. This year is going to be all about being the change we want to see in the world. Here are a few of the prime benefits we receive when we come together to support good causes:

• Stronger Team Morale: There’s a feeling that comes with making a difference in people’s lives, and it’s tough to find anywhere else. Every time we join forces on behalf of a worthy cause, we generate positive energy that carries over into our work back at the office. We also learn more about each other as people when we collaborate outside of our work roles.

• Healthier Community: We all get to share the rewards of our social impact efforts. Living in a healthier and happier community is the goal of our giveback efforts. We take pride in the results we’ve been able to achieve by working with such committed nonprofits.

• New Connections: We interact with all kinds of likeminded folks through our Impulsion Marketing Group giveback events. The connections we make include local leaders and business influencers, and they often open doors to new opportunities.

This is shaping up to be an amazing year for our firm and the causes we support. Follow Impulsion Marketing Group on Instagram to get updates on our social impact plans.

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“What I like most about this company is the culture and work environment. The people here make you feel very welcome and want you to succeed.”

— Jamie

“Impulsion Marketing Group has given me the opportunity to acquire new skills I didn’t know I had. The best thing about this place are the people and the leadership.”

— AJ